Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online crime threatens EU economy

THREAT : Online crime threatens EU economy

10 June 2008


Cybercriminal activity threatens the economic interests of the European Union, according to a study.

Research carried out by IT security firm AVG Technologies indicates that 72 per cent of European PC users shop online, while 69 per cent use the internet for banking and 55 per cent for paying bills.

The analysis follows claims made by the European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) at the end of May that online crime threatens the continent's economy.

Of those surveyed, 22 per cent said they had experienced some form of e-crime.

JR Smith, chief executive of AVG Technologies, said: "It's clear from both the ENISA report and our own research data that we all still have a considerable amount of work to do to protect computer users against cybercrime."

He added that as national borders disappear online, it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses and home users to know that they can safely conduct transactions online.

Last week, scientists at Ohio State University claimed they have discovered a new way to deal with internet worms.

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