Friday, July 4, 2008

Death Penalty for Cyber Crimes in Iran

PUNISHMENT : Death Penalty for Cyber Crimes in Iran

Tehran plans to impose the death penalty on those guilty of cyber crimes

Under a draft bill anyone promoting prostitution or apostasy, i.e. leaving Islam, could be punished by death.


03 July 2008


Tehran (AsiaNews) – The death penalty for those who promote corruption, prostitution and apostasy on the internet is being considered by Iran’s parliament. A draft bill that would impose the death penalty for cyber crimes is being debated in the Majlis, Iran’s news agency ISNA reported.

The bill aims to "toughen punishment for harming mental security in society,’ Iran’s ISNA news agency said, against those who promote harmful activities, including apostasy, a crime under Islamic law when it involves leaving Islam.

Iran imposes strict restrictions on internet access, blocking thousands of sites which may carry content deemed immoral or religiously and politically inappropriate.

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