Saturday, November 29, 2008

20-year old Russian hacked thousands of WebMoney accounts

HACKED : 20-year old Russian hacked thousands of WebMoney accounts

November 26, 2008


Russian mass media has reported that the local police have arrested a young man, a student of some local university who was nailed selling software for stealing money on the Internet. It has been reported that the hacker has already sold more that 50 copies of his software. According to the police report the young man has already robbed dozens of people.

The police reported that the 20-year student has developed a special program, a kind of Trojan that steals money from e-wallets. Actually the program was changing payment details and was redirecting money to the hacker’s account. Being tired with stealing the young fraudster started selling its software. Taking into consideration the function of the program the price was significantly low, only US$100. By the moment of his arrest the young programmer has created 3 versions of his virus with a very simple interface which each. According to the local police any programmer could change some settings and infect the computers of new victims. Actually it was the first time when police has arrested not the distributor but the creator of the program.

The boy has already pleaded guilty and started helping the investigators. According to him he has started robbing the Internet users to get money for new laptop and to buy a car. It is almost impossible to say the exact number of the victims however the investigators tell about thousands of robbed people. Actually the program was meant to rob the accounts in WebMoney payment system however the other payment processors could be involved.

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