Monday, December 29, 2008

Wi-Fi Security eBook became a big hit

HIT : Wi-Fi Security eBook became a big hit


28 December 2008

“The eBook – Securing Wi-Fi Network – 10 Steps to DIY Security has became a big hit. As per our calculations, about 4 million copies are distributed and downloaded”, said Ankur Goyal, co-author of the eBook, which he authored along with Rakesh Goyal.

The eBook is available free and can be downloaded from various sites including www.sysman.in.

“We have taken a different model to distribute the eBook. We contacted various egroups on Internet and requested them to distribute the eBook in their groups. Since, most of their members use Wi-Fi network to connect to Internet, most of these group owners distributed the eBook in their groups for the benefit of their members. We thank these group owners to consider the interest of their group members” said Ankur Goyal in an interview.

It was observed by the traffic on the site that about 1.2 million eBooks were downloaded from www.sysman.in site.

The eBook was released on 10 December 2008 and reaching to 4 million readers in just 2 weeks in remarkable and only possible with the power on internet. In the physical world, this was just not possible. We are still working to reach-out more and more people all-over-the world in their own interest, so that they can secure their wi-fi network themselves by DIY.

The eBook has been published with backing and encouragement from Information Security Education and Awareness Project (ISEAP) of Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India; CERT-In, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India; Data Security Council of India (DSCI) of NASSCOM and Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Investigation Cell.

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