Wednesday, July 8, 2009

RISK : No business is immune to cyber crime

RISK : No business is immune to cyber crime

Cyber getting crime worse

7th July 2009


An international forum has heard no business is immune to cyber crime and it is only going to get worse.

About 100 experts from around the world are gathering in Brisbane on Tuesday for a high-tech crime symposium.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said fraud and corporate crime using the internet was getting worse.

"Cyber crime is a global phenomenon that can be expected to continue to rise exponentially around the world as the internet continues its roll out," Mr Atkinson told a press conference.

"It is for this reason significant effort has been made to bring together an ensemble of national and international speakers and presenters together to gain a broader appreciation of a unique crime environment.

"No one nor any business is immune. If you own a computer or a phone you fall within the potential victim network."

Mr Atkinson said scams were becoming more sophisticated, using not only email and the web but mobile phone text messages.

"We see victims suffer not only embarrassment and humiliation but many victims are losing their home and life savings - everything," Mr Atkinson said.

"Additionally, we see that corporate entities are becoming more often the individual focus of highly skilled hackers and cyber criminals."

The conference has been organised for experts to share strategies and initiatives to crack down on net crime.

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