Monday, July 28, 2008

Lack of computer security hits 4 million Germans

RISK : Lack of computer security hits 4 million Germans


27 Jul 2008


Berlin - Germans no longer think twice about paying the rent or auctioning off an old tennis racquet online. The internet is now part of everyday life for 80 per cent of Germans. But a recent survey by Forsa, an opinion research institute, showed that 4 million Germans have fallen victim to computer crime. They account for 7 per cent of all computer users over 14 years, according to BITKOM, the Federal Association of the Information Industry, Telecommunications and New Media.

Around 1 per cent of those questioned said they had suffered financial losses from online banking or online auctions. An additional 3 per cent reported dubious Internet Dialer programs. Another 2 per cent reported damage due to viruses.

The survey also showed that many personal computers lack security programs. While 83 per cent of respondents had a virus protection program on their computer, only 67 per cent used a firewall. Additionally, only 28 per cent used an encryption program while 7 per cent had no security mechanisms whatsoever.

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