Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Windows Vista Tips - Secret Vista Boot Screen

Secret Vista Boot Screen

Normally, Windows Vista will boot up with a boring progress bar scrolling across a black background. However, it is possible to change this to something much more interesting with just a few clicks!

The old boot screen currently looks like this:

Click image for larger version  Name: bootscreen2.jpg Views: 187 Size: 5.6 KB ID: 24

The new Aurora boot screen will look like this:

Click image for larger version  Name: bootscreen1.jpg Views: 199 Size: 10.7 KB ID: 25

To perform this change, run msconfig from the run box (press WINDOWS KEY + R to access this).

Name:  bootscreen3.jpg Views: 3346 Size:  25.6 KB

Then, select the Boot tab, click "No GUI Boot" and then OK.

Name:  bootscreen4.jpg Views: 3323 Size:  46.5 KB

Once you have restarted your PC you will see this new boot screen, which should not have any adverse effect on loading times.

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